Our aim is to promote and continue to develop climate-friendly logistics through a cross-sectoral and cross-company exchange of knowledge.

The challenge: to identify climate-friendly and economically viable logistical measures

Logistics is the cause of over 5.5 per cent of all greenhouse gas emissions worldwide – and this trend is continuing. For us, this figure is no reason to despair but rather motivation to act!

The Paris Agreement, the Climate Action Plan 2050 and the German government’s planned law on climate protection are creating new framework conditions for the economy and for companies. One thing is clear – businesses will play a key role in achieving climate targets.

But how can logistics processes be modified to allow climate protection and economic benefit to be reconciled? Many companies wish to assume responsibility and put their logistics on a climate-friendly footing. However, faced with complex supply chains and logistics processes, they often lack the knowledge and experience required to take concrete action.

Our proposition: to identify and exploit the opportunities of green logistics

This area of tension between a willingness to act and a lack of experience is where this platform comes in with a proposition. It aims to remove uncertainties and inhibitions through an exchange of experience between companies and sectors. The wealth of experience of many companies in the area of climate-friendly transport is steadily growing. We intend to bundle this local knowledge, thereby promoting the exchange of knowledge and providing new stimuli for greater climate protection in the commercial transport sector.

This collection of best practices is to be presented in a exciting and lively way; every sector and every business is invited to add to the collection. Simply join us here! Climate-protection is a cross-sectional task requiring new ways of thinking and alliances from all of us.

We hope that the business examples will arouse your interest and we look forward to exchanging ideas with you!

This platform was developed from the collaborative project called „Weg in die <2°-Wirtschaft“ (Pathway to a <2° economy). The „Weg in die <2°-Wirtschaft“ project has been jointly organised by the Stiftung 2° – Deutsche Unternehmer für Klimaschutz (2° Foundation – German Businesses for Climate Protection) and WWF Germany and is supported by many more 2° sponsors. The project has been funded by the Bundesministerium für Umwelt, Naturschutz und nukleare Sicherheit (BMU) (Federal Ministry of the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety) and is assisted by the sustainable AG consulting firm.