Execution of a sustainable logistics approach

In 2008, California introduced mandatory solar photovoltaic requirements. Based on this and other climate-related developments, PUMA US equipped several facilities with solar power plants (SPP).

Brief description

PUMAs office in Westford, Massachusetts implemented a 200 KW SPP, which depicts about 13% of their yearly energy need. The plant is producing 220,000 KWh of energy on average per year. Each year, savings occur around $45000. In 2009, implementation costs arose of $1.5 mi.. Additionally, a LEED Gold certification for the whole building has been reached. Furthermore, the biggest US Warehouse in Torrance, California adopted a 1.5 MW SPP in 2015. This equals approx. 298 residential solar systems and is equivalent to offset 1,576 metric tons of CO2 annually. To optimize space and use fewer ballast block than traditional systems, a racking system has been used.
Not only the US, Germany has started to pursue similar goals: In 2030, approx. 66% of carbon-emissions equivalent (compared to 1990) related to buildings and facilities, must be reduced. Additionally, >60% of carbon-emissions equivalent must be reduced within the energy industry (Germany’s climate action Plan 2050).
In the (near) future, more and more countries could follow these examples and increase the amount of renewable energy by implementing regulations.

Greenhouse gas reduction potential

  • High reduction of emissions by the implementation of renewable energy
  • When considering other actions like for instance use of LED instead of regular bulbs, motions sensors or programable HVAC systems, additional emissions can be reduced

Transferability & challenges

  • Easy to implement for other firms
  • Existing long-term contracts can hamper the implementation
  • Depending on size of plant and financing strategy: High investment required

Requirements for third parties

  • Consideration of existing contracts with energy providers
  • Cooperation readiness from 3PL providers required

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